Udder Health

Cow Preparation for milking
• Wipe cows udders if dirty
• If you strip wash milk away
• Pre spray or foam (do about 8 cows)
• Wipe of with new paper for each cow
• Milk the cows
• Post spray 

Cluster dipping
• Minimum cluster dip with peracetic acid e.g. Deosan Activ before milking freshly calved cows and heifers and after high SCC cows or any cow after mastitis.

Intramammary Products Notice

By law from 1st Jan 2008 the sale and supply of Intramammary Products (Dry Cow & Milking Cow Tubes) needs to be accompanied by a current veterinary prescription.
1. Farmers acquire their prescription in duplicate listing the products and quantity prescribed from the Society Veterinary Surgeon (as part of the Dairygold Mastitis Control Programme) or from their own Veterinary Surgeon.
2. Each customer must present both pages on each purchasing occasion as the information relating to goods purchased must be recorded on the prescription and signed by the dispensing retailer.
• Dairygold Co-op stores continue to stock and sell a wide variety of both Dry Cow and Milking Cow intermammary tubes. However, please note that products will only be sold to customers following the above procedure i.e. customers not presenting both pages of a valid prescription will not receive product.
• A veterinary prescription may be valid for a 12 month period and contain Dry Cow and Milking Cow intramammary products. The products listed can be purchased intermittently during the validated period of the prescription.

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