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  • Trust In Tillage - Issue 3 August 2016
    02.09.2016  /  Trust In Tillage

    Harvest 2016 kicks off, Crop watch, Manage disease in spring barley, Glyphosate authorisation extended, Straw as a source of energy

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  • Trust In Tillage - Issue 2 June 2016
    01.06.2016  /  Trust In Tillage

    Fungicide choices & considerations, Crop watch, Get the best efficiency out of your sprayer, 5 key points on Fertiliser application, Disease resistance

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  • Trust In Tillage - Issue 1 March  2016
    01.03.2016  /  Trust In Tillage

    Producing high quality Malting Barley, Regional report, Crop watch, Trace elements through Fertiliser, Yields for Irish Wheat

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