Sheep Feeds

The Dairygold sheep feed product offering focuses on starting feeding the lamb prior to birth rather than from birth. Our ewe feeds are formulated to optimise ewe body condition and lamb birthweights. This is followed on with our range of lamb diets designed to maximise growth to slaughter. We are firmly of the opinion that maximising weight gain is the best strategy to reduce cost/Kg gain and increase profitability. Your area manager will be delighted to discuss these concepts with you and recommend the best feeding options to improve your bottom line.

Dairygold Pricelist - Sheep Product Descriptions




Lamb Pride

 Cubes, bags & bulk

Very popular 16% high energy finishing cube for lambs

Lamb Fattener Pellets

Cubes, bulk only

16% standard finishing cube for lambs

Coarse Lamb Fattener

Coarse, bulk only

16% standard coarse mix for finishing lambs

Ewe Meal Mix

Coarse, bulk only

18% high energy coarse mix for ewes available with and without cal mag

Coarse Ewe

Coarse, bulk only

18% coarse mix for ewes

Ewe Pride

 Cubes, bags & bulk

Very popular high energy 18% ewe cube available with and without cal mag

Ewe Crest

Cubes, bags & bulk

17% ewe cube available with and without cal mag

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