Reseeding Best Practice

Reseeding is likely to cost close to €250 per acre but reseeding can pay for itself within two years.  However to achieve this payback it is critical successfully establish and manage the new sward.  To ensure successful establishment the following reseeding best practise guide is strongly recommended.

1. Take a representative soil sample and send for analysis.  If ploughing, ideally wait until after ploughing to soil sample.
2. Spray off the old pasture with a minimum of 5L per ha (3.5 pts/Ac) Glyphosate.  Where there are significant levels of perennial weeds e.g. docks present, use 6L per ha (4.25 pts/Ac).  Allow 7 - 10 days after spraying before cultivating.
3. Prepare a fine, firm seedbed and apply Lime, Phosphate and Potash as per soil test results.
4. Select a grass seed mixture with a good balance of the very best varieties available (N.B.) as this mixture is likely to be in the ground for 10 years or more. 
5. Sow six bags of grass seed for every five acres to be sown in good conditions. Increase the seed rate in poor conditions.
6. Ideally cover seeds and roll well to ensure good contact between the seed and the soil.
7. Apply 60 Kg/ha (48 units/Ac) of nitrogen at or after sowing.
8. Monitor closely for pest attack and take action where necessary. Slugs, Leatherjackets, Frit Fly and Rabbits are the main threat.
9. Post emergence weed control is essential particularly to control docks and thistles. Normally apply herbicide five-six weeks after sowing. Where clover is important use an undersown spray that is safe on clover e.g. Legumex DB.
10. Regular light grazings when conditions are good are recommended to encourage the development of the new sward while avoiding poaching.

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