Reseeding Benefits

Teagasc recommends you should reseed 10-15% of your farm every year but currently only 1-2% of grassland is reseeded annually. 

24 Month payback
Reseeding will now cost you circa €250 per acre.  However, reseeding can repay you for this investment within 18 months to two years and you can expect swards reseeded in 2014 to last 8-10+ years on your farm if correctly managed.

More Milk
High PRG swards allow 8% higher milk output per hectare compared to old permanent pasture.

Prevent €300/ha losses
Recent research in Teagasc Moorepark has shown that your old permanent pasture typically produces 3 tonne/ha less than 100% PRG.  The main difference is in spring (before mid-May), when it is most needed. Swards with a low content of Perennial Ryegrass (PRG) are reducing your profit by €300/ha (€120/acre) due to reduced dry matter (DM) production alone. 

Improved fertiliser response
Old permanent pasture is inefficient i.e. you are losing 25% of the response to your Nitrogen fertiliser applications.  On top of this, your old pastures have reduced digestibility and intake potential.

Why reseeding in the spring is recommended
• Reseeding in spring is much more reliable with a wider window for sowing and post emergence herbicide sprays (vital for dock control) plus improved clover establishment. 
• The time that a sward is out of production can be limited to two to three months.  Trials from Moorepark clearly show that even when a sward is out of production for this length of time, their annual DM production can be similar or even greater than old permanent pasture accessible for the entire year.

Planning is vital for the success of reseeding and following best practise maximises the chances of success.  View best practise recommendations at:

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