Rearing Replacement Heifers

Heifer Rearing - Aug 2015 Updates

Latest figure indicate the cost of rearing a heifer to calve down at 24 months is 1550 euro, with the cost doubling if she doesn’t calf until 36 months.  The 24 month calving heifer won’t start to leave a profit until half way through her 2nd lactation.).....Read More


Heifer Rearing Update

The current Teagasc cost estimate of rearing one replacement heifer to €1,545.  If you are rearing 20 replacement heifers this equates to a total cost of €30,900 per annum!
Rearing 20 Replacement Heifers will cost you circa €30,900

See to view the target weights at key stages during the rearing period.  Failing to meet these targets results in:
• Later calving dates (in a spring calving system it is critical for replacement heifers to calve at two years of age).....Read More

Heifer Rearing Targets

Heifer Rearing Targets
Winter 2014-2015

Replacement heifers are the future of your dairy herd. In a non-quota era, the long term financial penalties of reduced performance in your milking herd if your heifer rearing is not a key focus/fully target driven will be magnified. The net cost of rearing a replacement heifer on your farm is estimated to be circa €1,500 per head by Teagasc.  Invest wisely......Read More

Key Calf Rearing Guidelines

Colostrum is the first milk your cows produce after they calve.  Your new-born calves are born without immunity to disease, and colostrum contains high levels of antibodies which build immunity in your calves as well as being a very nutritious feed.....Read More

Target Driven Replacement Heifer Rearing

Key Points
• Replacement heifer rearing is often neglected on dairy farms even though it has long term effects on the performance of the milking herd.
• Knowing the target weights for replacement heifers on your farm, monitoring their performance against these targets and taking corrective action to get them back on target where necessary are critical to improving your financial bottom line......Read More