Prime Elite Krispi Kaf

• Specially formulated as a coarse calf starter ration for the needs of a young calf.
• Contains high quality, palatable ingredients featuring generous levels of pulses and cereals, including flaked maize, along with Soya and sources of digestible fibre.
• 18% good quality protein to help promote growth. 
• Specialist gut conditioning package to promote intake, development and fight off infections.
• Fully balanced for macro minerals vitamins and trace elements to meet a growing calf’s needs.

Suitable for feeding to calves as their first solid feed.  Ensure fresh material (along with water and a roughage source, preferably straw) is available to young calves at all times.
Gut Conditioning Package
A unique package for calves proven to increase intake, increase growth rates, decrease the risk of scours and increase general health.

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