Prime Elite Heifer Rearer 19% Cube
Successfully Growing Heifers to Target

Specially formulated for feeding your replacement weanling/maiden heifers or in-calf heifers up to two months pre-calving on grass silage based diet (switch to Precalver Gold cube/Precalver Gold minerals at this stage and to Transition Gold for the final three weeks prior to calving).

Typically replacement heifers are fed a 16% or less protein ration on grass silage diets.  This is fine if silage contains 13% protein in the dry matter but Dairygold silage analysis have averaged closer to 11% protein over the last few years.  It is important that growing replacements are fed enough good quality protein to achieve lean growth rather than the heifer becoming fat as fat deposition in the udder potentially could reduce the development of the udder milk production cells.

Feeding high levels of the macro minerals, Calcium and Phosphorus help grow the skeletal frame and builds strong bones.  This helps your heifers reach their genetic potential and survive longer in your herd.

Biotin – For better heifer hoof health
Biotin is a B vitamin strongly associated with hoof strength.  In order to have a significant effect on hoof strength it needs to be included at high levels and fed over a number of months.  Having strong hooves and good feet helps improve long term productivity and increases longevity within your herd.

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