Poultry Feeds

At Dairygold we have a long tradition as suppliers of poultry feed both to intensive producers and to backyard flocks for home consumption. Raw materials are only selected after a very detailed vetting process to achieve a safe and wholesome end product. Nutrient specifications of our diets are set based on current research results and are designed to maximise meat and egg production. Why not call us today to discuss the best product for your needs.

Dairygold Pricelist - Poultry Product Descriptions




MM Poultry Starter Crumb

Crumb, bags only

21% protein crumb for broiler chicks, ducklings and geese from day old to 3/4 weeks of age

MM Poultry Finisher Pellet

Pellets, bags only

An 18% pellet for broilers, ducks and geese from 4 weeks old onwards

MM Layers 17% Crumb

Crumb, bags & bulk

A 17% protein crumb for laying hens from point of lay onwards

Dairygold Layers Pellet

Pellet, bags only

A 17% protein pellet for laying hens from point of lay onwards

Turkey Starter Crumb

Crumb bags only

A starter crumb for Turkeys from day old to 6/8 weeks of age

Turkey Grower Pellet

Pellets bags only

A  grower pellet for turkeys from 8 weeks  to 16 weeks old

Turkey Finisher Pellet

Pellets bags only

A finisher pellet for turkeys to be fed for 4 weeks prior to slaughter

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