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What’s in a name: Milkiwean
With this well-known phrase, we want to indicate that Milkiwean offers what its name promises: a feed for weaning your piglets in the best way possible. Milkiwean puts the weaning process as the focus point in its feeding program.
A good start in the post weaning period is critical for later growth and development. This is confirmed by the Dutch scientist Bruininx, who states that over 40% of the performance of a growing pig is determined by the feed intake in the first week after weaning.

Adapting to new conditions
Weaning is a very stressful period in the life of a piglet: Separation from the sow, adapting to a new type of feed and mixing with piglets from other litters all take its toll on the animals. Almost 50% of the piglets start eating within 4 hours after weaning. It takes however 50 hours for 95% to adapt to the new feed. This leaves 5% refusing to eat at all and a great majority of the piglets risking damage to the intestine as a result of slow feed intake. Low energy intake decreases the height of the intestinal villi, which reduces the digestive capacity. The piglet uses its body reserves and becomes leaner: this is the well known “post weaning dip”.

Encouraging each piglet to start eating immediately after weaning and maintaining a good feed intake is essential for their health. This, however, is not easy to achieve. But Milkiwean offers the solution.

Eaters are made, not born
Feed intake of piglets is in general low until day 21, when the milk production of the sow goes down and the energy demand of the piglets still increases. The time before day 21 however is crucial in training the digestive system of the piglet in digesting the future feed. Feed intake in this period helps the villi in the intestine to grow, lowers the acidity in the stomach and stimulates the immune system.
The composition of the Milkiwean feeds is not only adapted to the digestive possibilities of the young piglets, it also promotes the intake of the next feed. The choice of raw materials, the acidification and the palatability enhancers are similar in each of the subsequent feeds, so an undisturbed transition can be guaranteed. Milkiwean offers pig farmers three qualitative products: Precoce, Granito and a link feed based on Milkiwean nuclei.



Link Feed

Creep Feed Weaner Feed Link Feed
High amount of milk sources and high energy level Focus on feed intake and safety Dairygold Feed
For a fast development of the immunity Protects the digestive system With Milkiwean nuclei
From day 5 A few days before weaning App. 8 days after weaning
Until a few days before weaning Until eight days after weaning For economic growth

As already mentioned; feed intake in the first week should be seen as a cornerstone for later performance. With Granito we aim for a feed intake of 1 kg in the first 5 days after weaning. The combination of Precoce and Granito guarantees a high feed intake before and after weaning resulting in an undisturbed growth and a healthy weaner pig.


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