Pegus Horse Feeds

As a manufacturer of the Pegus range of horse feed, we at Dairygold pride ourselves in delivering a consistent, nutritious and palatable product for our customers.
From the brood mare rearing a foal to the horse performing at the peak of its athletic ability, our product range provides a balanced package of nutrients designed to allow each horse to express its full genetic potential while optimising coat condition, bone strength and general health.
Supplying some of Munster’s top studs, performing horses and show horses we value the endorsements that the elite of the horse industry give to the Pegus brand. Call us today and join in that elite club of Pegus users.

Dairygold Pricelist - Pegus Horse Product Descriptions




Pegus Junior

Cubes, bulk & bags

An 18% foal and yearling cube designed to promote optimum bone and muscle growth

Pegus Concentrate

Cubes, bulk & bags

A 14% cube for performance horses and for horses in the yearling to 2YO stage as a follow on to Pegus Junior

Pegus Hunter & Pony Complete

Cubes, bulk & bags

12% cube for showjumpers eventers and hunters competing at the highest level

Pegus Stable Mix

Coarse, bags only

12% value mix for store horses and hunters

Pegus Triple E

Cubes, bulk & bags

A 14% stud cube designed to condition and maximise fertility in brood mares and stallions.

Pegus Premium

Cubes, bulk & bags

14% racehorse cube for thoroughbreds racing at the highest level containing a selected blend of micronutrients including yeast

Pegus Hi Performance Coarse Mix

Coarse, bags only

A 14% coarse mix for horses performing at the highest level and as a conditioner for show horses

Pegus 25% Supplement

Cubes, bulk & bags

A 25% oat balancer cube to be fed at 1 part oat balancer cube to 3 parts oats by weight

Pegus PDS Cool Cube

Cubes, bulk & bags

An 11% oat free cube containing high levels of digestible fibre for breakers, spirited horses and horses prone to laminitis

Pegus Cool Mix

Coarse, bags only

An 11% oat free mix for breakers, spirited horses and horses prone to laminitis