Milk Recording - An opprotunity not to be missed

Doreen Corridan MVB MRCVS PhD 
Munster Cattle Breeding

Dairygold Offer for 2014 for new herds beginning milk recording:

• Agree to do 5 tests in 2014/15
-Do 1 now in autumn 2014
-Do 4 in 2015
• Cost is €12.50 per cow
• Either a Dairygold or Munster advisor will explain the report in detail to you this autumn and outline a plan of action for your farm.

Advantages of this offer are
1. Begin recording in the autumn when you have more time to get set up.
2. Get a recording before drying off in 2014 which allows time to tackle SCC as you have one test done before the 2014 dry period.  This allows you to:
a. Plan an effective dry cow treatment programme.
b. Check how well this dry cow treatment programme worked with the first test in 2015
c. Try and understand if infection is spreading during milking.
d. Know which cows to give a long dry cow period to.
e. Know which cows to give an extra treatment at drying off to.
3. Measurement of cow performance.
a. Identify the cows producing the higher milk solids.
b. This will allow you keep and breed the best replacements. 


How do I start?
It has never been easier. All you need is to be able to identify the cows accurately.
• If you have meters, electronic meters or jars great- you are ready to go.
• If not –electronic meters (EDIY) can be supplied for each recording.

A recorder will go to your farm at milking and do the recording. In EDIY recording a recorder will show you how to operate the system or if you wish they will do it for you at each recording for a small extra charge.

• 5 tests, one in 2014 and 4 in 2015 for €12.50 a cow.
-Deducted in July, August & September Milk in 2015

Contact-Your milk advisor or the milk recording office at 022 43228 to get started.

Other Advantages of milk recording – Profitability Increased
1. Control of SCC throughout the lactation.
2. Milking team of proven performers-more Kgs milk solids sold.
3. Better selection of replacement heifers-continuous improvement.
4. Increase the value of stock sales, surplus cows and in calf heifers.
5. Insurance policy against disease-Johne’s testing.
6. Increased compensation for TB reactors.
7. Identify low lactose cows in late lactation for dry off.
8. You may have a bull calf suitable for AI.

Key point: Milk recording offers huge advantages for your dairy farm business.  If you have never done it before, now is the time to start!