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  • Milk Matters May 2017
    08.05.2017  /  Milk Matters

    During May we need to maintain grass quality and get our cows back in calf, Feeding for the breeding season, keeping the sward green top to bottom, Low milk butterfats, Grassland weed control options

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  • Milk Matters February 2016
    01.03.2017  /  Milk Matters

    How can you avoid the pitfalls of underfeeding cows in March, Feeding for breeding, New grass, grsss silage and maize silage fertilisers in 2017, How much of your farm is grazed, Fertility and breeding

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  • Milk Matters January 2016
    01.02.2017  /  Milk Matters

    Dairygold's Loyalty reward Scheme to Early Lactation Feeding to Get your Grass Growing Early in 2017 to Heifer Born Caves

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  • Milk Matters December 2016
    01.12.2016  /  Milk Matters

    Proper dry cow management is critical for success, Agribusiness of the year Dairygold, Dairygold's new targeted Fertiliser plan, Fertility & breeding: Fertility 2018 starts now

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  • Milk Matters November 2016
    01.11.2016  /  Milk Matters

    Unlock growth potential of grass with correct soil nutrition, Dry cow feeding this winter, Is your feeding growing your heifers, Get your herd health plan for this winter, Dairygold now deliver 1.05T pallets directly to your farm

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  • Milk Matters October 2016
    30.09.2016  /  Milk Matters

    Next year's grazing season starts now, Failing volume % lactose = energy intake, Do you know your silage quality?, SureSeal - teat sealer, Are your breeding heifers making the weight?

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  • Milk Matters September 2016
    31.08.2016  /  Milk Matters

    Late Lactation Feeding to manage the back end , Have you enough grass on farm?, Feeding concentrates to late lactation cows, Reduce your concentrate bill for winter milk, The value of Milk Recording

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  • Milk Matters August 2016
    02.08.2016  /  Milk Matters

    Nutrition Matters, Grass Matters: 40uN needed in August, Dairygold Reseeding Programme, Are your replacements on target?

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  • Milk Matters July 2016
    27.06.2016  /  Milk Matters

    Is it time to LIME?, KaN Update, Nutrition matters: Maintaining milk protiens, Assess your Forage situation now, New 1.05 tonne bag offer

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  • Milk Matters February 2015
    29.01.2015  /  Milk Matters

    Supplementation questions answered..whatever your individual quota situation!, Grass matters, New Nitrogen fertiliser technology, Key principals of calf rearing, Fertility and breeding matters

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