Mastitis Control Programme

Peak months for mastitis control.

As we head into the main drying off period for spring calvers, we cover a number of messages to our Mastitis Control Programme members.

1. Check your prescription to ensure it is in date and has sufficient quantities remaining for your needs.
2. Where a specific identified bacteria was a significant cause of mastitis in your herd last year, consider your options with regard to the products and alternative products on your prescription. Do you understand the bacteria specific function of the product options prescribed for your herd? Technical advice available from our MCP Vet, your milk advisor and the qualified staff at your local Dairygold dispensing counter to assist you in selecting the best product for your specific circumstances.
3. Plan your dairy hygiene product requirements and ensure adequate stock is on hand.
4. Call to your local Dairygold dispensing counter to avail of product technical advice and great value animal health requisites.

Join the Dairygold Mastitis Programme now.

Dairygold Mastitis Cover letter

The Dairygold Mastitis 7 Steps

Dairygold Co-Op Mastitis Control programme Contract 2015

For milk suppliers who have yet to join the Mastitis Control Programme, we encourage you to join up now. Complete the “green” form and send it to us at Mr Billy Howard, Dairygold MCP Programme, Clonmel Road, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork. Our Mastitis Control Programme Vet will, in conjunction with your milk advisor where appropriate, evaluate the information you provide along with your milk supplied statistics. Our vet will then issue an appropriate prescription as required under recent legislation. Our vet will prescribe products and alternatives in each case, allowing you a minimum of two product choices at the point of handing in your prescription.

Frequently asked question –

Q -Will my local Dairygold dispensing counter handle prescriptions from any vet?

A- Yes. Dairygold will handle any vet’s prescription, subject to the prescription fulfilling the requirements laid out in the relevant legislation e.g. prescription is “in date”.

Q –  How will my milk advisor support me in relation to mastitis Control?

A – The milk advisor role is to review practices and procedures on your farm that may be contributing to increased incidence of mastitis and to make recommendations to you in relation to reducing the incidence of mastitis in your herd.

Q – As a member of the MCP, do I have to get a prescription from the Dairygold Vet?

A – No, if you are joining the MCP and do not need a prescription at this stage please write “NO PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED” clearly on the form.   

Q - What type of Intramammary products will the society vet prescribe?

A - The society vet will prescribe a minimum of two suitable products for each of dry and lactating needs, based on both your Intramammary purchases for 2010 from the society, and also based on your milk analysis. If you state the other products that you have preference for / purchased from other outlets, they will also be taken into consideration.

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