Telephone Service at Lombardstown Mill

To improve our contact service at Lombardstown Mill the following improvements have been introduced.

Customers using the landline numbers 022 47275 and 022 47313 are greeted with the following recorded message:

"Welcome to Dairygold Quality Feeds"

•    For feed orders and customer service please press 1
•    For the laboratory please press 2
•    For the transport department please press 3

If #1 is selected the phone may be answered by any one of our customer service team. If all team members are responding to other calls the call will be put through to a voice mail which will  offer the option of leaving a message or continue holding.
If #2 is selected you are transferred to the laboratory.

If #3 is selected all telephones in the transport department will ring simultaneously. It the call is not answered you will be given the option of voicemail.

When the office is not manned you are diverted to a mobile number.. The call will be transferred to the staff member on duty. If that person is on a call you will have the option of voicemail.

This voicemail will be dealt with asap. This service is available 24/7.