Carey’s Herd - the calving period 2012

Liam Carey farms in Hollyford in West Tipperary along with his wife Nora and son Matthew, in spring milk production, milking their Reagoulawn Pedigree Holstein Friesians. Over the last 3 years the Carey family report that they have transformed the fertility and calving performance of the herd by making key changes in their herd management plan. Liam credit’s Sean Ryan of Dairygold Quality Feeds for his role in analysing the “before” problems and working with the family in developing new goals for the herd.

 Liam remembers “Calving time stress, calves born life-less and requiring immediate attention, these calves subsequently proved hard to rear ,retained after births , dirty discharges post calving  were a feature, veterinary call outs were needed routinely for wash outs Pre- Breeding, and in turn led to problems at the start of the Breeding Season. 

Sean had recommended a step up to Dairygold’s high energy dairy feeds to match grass supply and weather conditions throughout the year.
Sean coupled this with the introduction of Superchoice pre calver gold minerals at 120g/head/day for cows and in-calf heifers for six to eight weeks pre-calving.

The results show for the Carey’s Herd the calving period 2012 was a relatively stress free one. Liam commented that “Cows calved unassisted and quickly, the calves are livelier at birth, healthier, and aggressive to feed. All cows passed after-births with ease, cows started cycling a lot quicker and on scanning recently Liam and Matthew were delighted  to find that  they will have a massive 80% calved by mid-March. These results are in large part due to focus on the changes that we agreed with Sean. Dairygold’s high energy feeds and Superchoice Pre-Calver Gold underpinned our very successful calving season followed by a record level of success in the breeding period and we are looking forward to a successful Spring 2013 feeding Pre Calver Gold.