Insights from Local Tillage Farmers

Margins in tillage farming are tight with exposure to large expenditure and significant risk such as the unpredictable nature of Irish weather. While all farmers are at the mercy of the weather; sound planning and best practise crop husbandry can help tillage farmers increase output and reduce costs during both the good years and bad.



Tillage farmer and agricultural contractor Robert Coughlan
Tillage farmer and agricultural contractor Robert Coughlan farms approximately 95 hectares (240 acres) with his son Robert on his farm near Mitchelstown in Co. Cork. Robert’s main farming business is growing forage maize under contract for local livestock farmers. He has many years’ experience in growing maize and understands the importance of delivering high yields for his farming customers.........Read More



Planning and best practise on Neville Furney’s farm
A good example of this is Neville Furney who runs a 400 acre tillage farm in Ardwilling, Cloyne, Co. Cork. Neville puts a strong emphasis on crop rotations, soil sampling and pre-planning fertiliser applications. He credits this approach, coupled with advice from his local Dairygold IASIS qualified tillage advisor, Liam Leahy, with him gradually increasing his yields in recent years. In 2013, he was delighted with yields circa 4.5 tonnes per acre for both Winter Wheat and Winter Barley.........Read More