Housing & Bedding Best Pratice

Cow Housing
• Make sure saw dust is dry (cubicles)
• Run Scrapers regularly and Clip Tails

Calving Boxes
• Disinfect regularly
• Use Stalosan F after every calving.

Winter infections
Prevention of winter infections (viral and bacterial) is just as important as treating parasites.  Prevention of these problems is far easier and less expensive than cure and the first step is basic hygiene.
• Ensure housing is cleaned, disinfected and dry before animals enter.  Stress of animals should be kept to a minimum at housing time as stress reduces natural immunity.  Ensuring adequate ventilation, group animals according to their age and do not over-stock animals.
• Try to keep bedding areas as draught-free, clean and dry as possible.  Use of products such as Agrical will help.
• Clean out feed troughs and water troughs regularly.  Check for leaks in the water troughs.
• Keep under foot conditions as clean and dry as possible.
• Set up and use footbaths/hand-washing facilities at entry points to each shed to ensure disinfection when entering or leaving a shed will help minimise the transfer of disease from one shed to another.
• Vaccinate where animals are vulnerable to infections like IBR, Salmonella and pneumonia.  Vaccinating pregnant animals at the correct timing (follow individual vaccine instructions) and feeding adequate colostrums to newborn calves allows the transfer of antibodies from the dam to the calf.

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