Herd Health & Biosecurity

Dairygold and Teagasc are making a determined effort to put herd health on the dairy farmer’s agenda for the next three years. This will be achieved by providing services and information to milk suppliers.

Initiatives are already in place within the Dairygold supply area to improve herd health, most notably the Munster AI herd health programme and the efforts of Veterinary surgeons to improve animal health within farms. Animal Health Ireland (AHI) provides information and guidance leaflets to support the national effort at reducing bovine diseases.
Further emphasis will be put on herd health during 2011 within Dairygold by the following actions being put in place:
1. The opening of a herd health laboratory in Dairygold Mallow.
2. The expansion of the Munster AI herd health programme in 2011.
3. Herd health information at Milk Quality meetings , AI and Teagasc seminars
4. Development of herd health information sessions for discussion groups.
5. Herd health projects for discussion group members.
6. Surveying and assessment of herd health practices on dairy farms.
7. Special interest events on herd health for non-discussion group members.
The effort on herd health improvement is aimed at establishing infection levels (if any) that exist on farms and developing a plan to reduce disease levels across dairy herds. The main diseases being targeted in the information programme are BVD, IBR, Neospora, Salmonella, Leptospirosis and Johnes.
The effort to control these diseases is based on a three pronged approach of:

Diagnostic Tests
Vaccination Programmes 

All three angles have to be acted on within the same timeframe to get effective control and value for money from vaccination, treatments and extra effort on the farmer’s part. Consult your Veterinary Surgeon or Munster Herd Health about diagnostic testing and a vaccination programme for your herd.

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