Heifer Rearing Updates

The current Teagasc cost estimate of rearing one replacement heifer to €1,545.  If you are rearing 20 replacement heifers this equates to a total cost of €30,900 per annum!

Rearing 20 Replacement Heifers will cost you circa €30,900

See http://www.agritrading.ie/Heifer-Rearing-Targets-Winter-20142015) to view the target weights at key stages during the rearing period.  Failing to meet these targets results in:
• Later calving dates (in a spring calving system it is critical for replacement heifers to calve at two years of age)

Key Point: Not achieving target weights for your replacement heifers, has significant long term consequences.

Remember it is possible to mate your heifers at 13 months and calve them at 22 months provided they achieve the correct weight for their breed and a minimum BCS of 3.25 at 13 months. To do this requires focus at each stage of rearing including the winter housing periods.

Target Driven Supplementation over the winter
• Age 6 months+:
These animals should now be circa 210Kg liveweight. Trials at Teagasc Moorepark show weight gain of only circa 0.3Kg/day on silage only diets (with silage DMD having little impact).  Feed 1.52Kg concentrate/day to achieve weight gains of circa 0.5Kg/day.  Feeding rates should only be reduced if animals are well ahead of targets.
• Pre Calving Heifers. These animals should now be circa 430Kg liveweight. Good quality silage (70+ DMD) is sufficient if your heifers are on target. Feed up to 2Kg if below target. Switch to a quality pre-calving mineral 6-8 weeks pre-calving. 

Key Point: Your replacement heifers should be fed concentrates during their first winter and, if necessary, during their second winter to achieve their target weights.

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