Guideline Sowing Rates for Winter Cereals (October 2014)

As we are now in late October it is getting late for sowing Winter Barley and Oats and seeding rates should be increased accordingly. Sow by target plants per m2 rather than by traditional weight per hectare/acre.  To determine sowing rates you need to know:
• Target plants per m2-Target 300-320 established plants per m2 for Winter Barley, 370-380 for Winter Oats and 280-310 established plants per m2 for Winter Wheat sown from now on. 
Assume 20-35% in 2014 (excellent seed quality and above average soil temperatures for this time of year) for sowings from now on depending on the crop and conditions.
• Thousand grain weight (TGW)-This can have a major effect on seeding rates and varies from year to year, between varieties and between batches of the same variety.  Make sure to check the TGW of the seed you are sowing before deciding on your sowing rate.


Use the following equation to determine sowing rate:

Key message: Sow by target plants per m2 rather than by traditional weight per hectare/acre. Adjust sowing based on target plant stand, expected losses and batch thousand grain weight (TGW)


Tables 1-3 below gives suggested seeding rates for winter cereals for sowings in good conditions.  Note there is a number of assumptions (losses, TGWs etc.) built into these suggestions and growers should adjust their own sowing rates using the above equation depending on individual situations.

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