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Precalver GOLD cube
We recommend feeding 2-4Kg/head/day of Precalver GOLD cube for 6-8 weeks precalving instead of Precalver GOLD mineral where Body Condition score (BCS) is below target.  Features:
• High energy (non-mineral component) helping to correct BCS in below target BCS cows.
• Full daily allowance of Precalver Gold mineral when fed at recommended rate 2Kg, 3Kg and 4Kg versions.
-Delivers 26.4g/head/day magnesium when fed at the recommended rates helping to prevent milk fever and related problems.
-Delivers high levels of Selenium, Zinc and Copper (forage analysis has shown these vital trace elements are deficient in the Dairygold catchment area) with a large portion in the organic form (can be stored in the cow’s body and held in its reserves until required and not lost through excretion like inorganic forms).
-High levels of vitamins (A, D and E).

Transition GOLD cube
In the last 2-3 weeks before calving a cow’s feed intake drops as the size of the calf grows restricting rumen size and a cow can enter negative energy balance where energy and possibly protein intakes are not matching requirements.  This problem is compounded immediately after calving as a cow’s requirements for nutrients increases dramatically to produce milk, the make-up of the cow’s diet changes dramatically but appetite and adaptation to the new diet lags behind. 

We recommend feeding Transition GOLD cube for the final 2-3 weeks of calving instead of Precalver Gold/Precalver GOLD cube regardless of BCS.  Features:
• Full daily allowance of Precalver Gold mineral when fed at recommended rate of 2Kg per head per day (3Kg and 4Kg versions available for below BCS target cows).
• High in energy and starch (non-mineral component) to help prevent negative energy balance pre-calving.
• 16% high quality protein to help meet the cow and growing unborn calf needs.
• Contains yeast to prime the rumen for diet change after calving.  Yeast minimises this shock to the cow’s system and appetite and adaptation to the new diet improves quicker in early lactation. 

The New Postcalver GOLD Range
High energy as per Teagasc recommendations PLUS
• Yeasacc is included at recommended rates to drive intake, increase fibre digestion and help reduce the energy gap in early lactation (particularly effective when also fed pre calving).  Yeast has been proven under Irish grazing conditions to minimise the risk of digestive upsets.  This is particularly important when a cow’s diet is abruptly changed e.g. turnout to grass after calving or where there long fibre (fodder) is in short supply.
• Sel-Plex and Bioplex minerals which have been proven to increase conception rates (Bioplex Zinc will also help hoof strength recovery).

The Postcalver GOLD grazing range now also contains maize as the No.1 ingredient

Postcalver GOLD delivers these benefits for 5-10 cent/head/day above the cost of our high energy range* (More Milk, Dairy Pride, Milkrite and Grass Aid), irrespective of the feeding rate.  There is also a Balancer Postcalver GOLD range to match the individual requirements of dairy farmers feeding alternative forages.  We recommend feeding Postcalver GOLD feeds as soon as cows calve right up to and throughout the breeding period.

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