Forage Option Values (correct 12/6/13) 

The table below has two columns of forage values;
1) Value today (12-6-13) based on straights prices for bulk loads tipped. (8 ton retail prices delivered blown minus €7 for tipping)
2) Value next winter based on projected prices for bulk loads of straights tipped
The value of forages next winter is significantly cheaper as the projected prices of alternatives (straights) is significantly cheaper for this autumn (however the market is volatile and could change).

Key points: The values in the table below are based on energy and protein utilisable feeding values (including feed-out losses) and do not reflect costs of production or market place prices.  The values below are only valid where the minimum forage is available. Until this minimum is achieved the forages are ‘priceless’ (within reason). Finally, if a farmer does decide on a concentrate/straights alternative, the value of the concentrate will be greatly diminished unless he restricts the forage and concentrate and feeds to the energy requirement of the animal – which will almost certainly be below the animals appetite.