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  • Farm News November 2016
    23.11.2016  /  Farm News

    Building partnerships for the future, Markets report, Milk supply update, Health and safety - a mothers perspective, Getting your cows ready for the winter

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  • Farm News October 2016
    21.10.2016  /  Farm News

    Winter period - a suitable time for your SDAS audit, Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme (SDAS) - checklist of SDAS requirements, The milk lactose story, Milk supply, Markets report

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  • Farm News September 2016
    21.09.2016  /  Farm News

    Kerrygold facility opens at Castlefarm, Milk quality open day, Dairygold updates corporate logo, Dairygold nominee for the Board Bia National Sustainable Producer Awards '16, Farm Business Finance Reminder

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  • Milk Supplier Newsletter March 2015
    17.03.2015  /  Farm News

    Dawning of a new era, Industry consolidation comment, Markets report, Quota year end - checklist, Have you a TCM issue in your milk?, Teagasc dairy farm management programme now enrolling for 2015

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  • Milk Suppliers Supplement Dec 2012
    21.12.2012  /  Farm News

    BVD Compulsory Eradication Programme, SlepEasi, Soil Sampling, Dairygolds Dry Cow Programme, Insights from Local Milk Suppliers Carey's Herd - the Calving Period

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  • Milk Suppliers Newsletter Feb 2012
    20.02.2012  /  Farm News

    Post Quota Planning Update, Markets Report, Milk Recording, High Profit Farms

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