Quota-Minimising the final sting

As you read this we are only seven months away from the end of milk quotas.  However, it looks as though there will be a sting in the tail with a superlevy almost certain and milk price dropping.

The first step is to estimate how far over quota you are likely to be. A relatively simple method of estimating this would be to look at your milk sales for the same period last year and adjust for changes in cow numbers, % heifers in the herd etc. If you are likely to run significantly over quota, what are your options now?e....Read More

Lending to the Dairy sector
Considerations when providing finance to farmers

A completed loan application form is the starting point for most agricultural lending proposals. In addition to asking for details about the lending being sought, this form also captures the important farm information (stock numbers, land details, direct payments, etc.) and additional family and financial information (existing loans, savings, investments, available off farm income, etc.) You’ll get an application form in your local bank branch or through your bank’s website....Read More

Focus on Expansion

Milk quota abolition is now only nine months away. New entrants or expansion of an existing dairy farm are faced with significant challenges.  Over the last 12-24 months, Teagasc and others have held various ‘Dairy Expansion’ events.  What have been the key messages from these events?....Read More

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