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At Dairygold Quality Feeds, we work to deliver cost effective feed solutions to a very wide range of farm enterprises including Dairy, Beef, Calf, Pig, Poultry, Sheep and Horse. We strive to understand individual farmer's commercial goals and challenges and then match these with a best-fit, feed solution.

We offer a comprehensive range to suit all customers - including nutritionally formulated total diets, complementary feeds, balancer rations, basic three-way mixes and straights. Our philosophy is to ensure that our Quality Feeds name over the door is reflected in every load of feed we produce and sell. A number of considerations can make up a customer's view of feed quality – animal performance, physical appearance of the feed, raw material inclusions, etc. Decades of experience has shown us that the foremost of these quality measures is animal performance since this is what translates directly into commercial returns for the farmer... on the bottom line.

The key customer question can be paraphrased as, "Does this Dairygold feed deliver the results I expect in a cost effective manner?" The volumes of repeat business and the loyalty to our many market leading brands is a most powerful endorsement of our approach to nutritionally formulating our Quality Feeds to better meet the animal’s needs so that individual farmer's commercial goals and objectives are delivered.

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