Dairygold Crop Protection Product Offering

Dairygold can offer you:

• A free crop walking service from IASIS qualified crop walkers
-All recommendations made to give the best economic return to you, the grower
-All recommendations can now be provided via the Farmade Management Gatekeeper system (see further details below and opposite)
• A huge array of competitively priced agrochemicals in stock locally
-The latest in new chemistry plus generic products
• Largest harvest intake in our territory
-Providing ease of delivery of green grain
• Competitive grain prices
-Forward sell your green or dried grain
-Prompt payment for the grain you supply

In 2013, a number of the Dairygold crop walking team successfully trialed the crop management software programme, Gatekeeper (from Farmade Management Systems) and this software has now been rolled out to our full crop walking team.

The software has a number of benefits for you, the grower:
• Recommendations sent directly to your local branch so you can collect both your recommendation and crop protection products required with little or no delay.
• Complete cross compliance record including the new Integrated Pest Management requirements (you only need to fill in the LPIS number of the field and details of the day sprayed).
• Peace of mind knowing details of all your recommendations are backed up securely and can be re-printed or emailed to you on demand.

An example of a recommendation is shown and explained below:
1. Customer Name
2. Advisor Name and Contact Details
3. Job comments plus details of any restrictions
4. Product name
5. Justification for use of product
6. PCS number of product
7. Rate of application
8. Total quantities of product required for each job (note product quantity total for all jobs on separate page)
9. Field(s) details
10. Space to fill in the details of crop spraying