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Dairygold Quality Dairy Feeds is a comprehensive range that can cater for almost any situation. It includes nutritionally formulated complementary feeds with the majority fully balanced for Cal Mag, minerals and vitamins, plus balancer rations, basic three-way mixes and straights. When we say fully balanced, we mean that we increase mineral and vitamin concentration per Kg of feed as customers move up the Cal Mag rates. This approach ensures that the cows get the correct per head per day intake of minerals and vitamins as feeding rates drop with increased grass availability.

We review local, national and international data to determine our inclusion levels of minerals and vitamins that we believe will deliver optimal herd health.

Our new GOLD range of Dairy feeds includes Selplex and key Bioplex minerals (the organic form of these minerals), which are better absorbed and stored by the cow for drawing on in times of stress. (Note: inorganic minerals cannot be stored by the cow and so no reserve can be built up). We also include yeast balanced to the feeding rate in this range of feeds as this has been found to condition the rumen and ensure the cow can more quickly increase intake and feed conversion efficiency after calving.

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 Dairygold Dairy Feed Product Descriptions 


Note all Dairygold pricelist dairy feeds when fed at the recommended rates (refer to Cal Mag level) deliver the recommended levels of all macro minerals, trace elements and vitamins except those marked with a *

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