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Winter Feeding Recommendations 2013

Weanlings - Targets
Weanlings should gain 0.6 Kg per head per day over the winter housing period.  Typically weanlings do not gain anything close to this with an average daily gain closer to 0.3Kg and some animals do not gain any weight!  While gaining in excess of 0.6Kg per head per day is not desirable due to reduced performance at grass after housing....Read More

Ad-Lib Meal Feeding 

Economics of Ad-lib concentrate feeding: The economics of ad-lib feeding versus silage plus concentrates finishing systems is dependent on the quality of the silage and concentrates, the cost of silage and concentrates and the performance level of the animals. The bar chart below gives an example of the comparable costs for continental steers.....Read More


Controlling Parasites at Housing 

Cattle finishing the grazing season need to be treated for parasites they have acquired during their time at grass.  Once animals are correctly treated for these problems at housing they will remain free of parasites until they go back to grass.  Don’t forget to also treat for external parasites (lice and mange). Selection of the correct product or combination of products will save time and money.  Remember to follow product instructions carefully, including meat withdrawal times, and give the appropriate quantity of the dose to each animal......Read More


Minerals for Beef Cattle

Q. Why feed minerals to beef cattle and sheep?
A. Mineral imbalances can cause major loss of profit to farmers.  Correct vitamin, mineral and trace element balance is essential for the prevention of a wide range of problems including lameness, ill thrift, reduced immunity, poor skin/hair quality and reduced live-weight gain.  Forage Analysis....Read More

Beef Animal Nutritional Requirements-The Basics


Energy is the most important factor when looking at beef diets as ultimately it drives performance.  Unfortunately there is no recognised analysis method for measuring energy which results in compound feeds not declaring an energy level on their labels....Read More


Whole Milk versus Milk Replacer

Numerous studies show that replacement heifer calves with higher growth rates in the first 8-10 weeks of life have significantly improved first lactation yields and fertility performance.....Read More

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