Calf Feeds

A good start is half the work. Modern calf rearing programmes include target calf weights at various stages from birth, weaning and various ages. Dairygold Quality feeds have a calf range to support this target driven approach. With Prime Elite 23 quality milk replacer from week one, together with a quality calf starter ration such as Prime Coarse Calf Starter or Krispi Kaf and through to our range of proven follow-on calf rations such as Kaf Pride and Kaf Gro, we have nutritionally formulated calf feeds to help achieve your rearing targets – and give your calves the very best start. Contact your area manager for more details.

Dairygold Pricelist - Calf Product Descriptions




Prime Coarse Calf Starter

Coarse bags only

18% highly palatable cooked calf starter muesli containing yeast and formulated to gives calves the best start in life

Krispi Calf

Coarse bags & bulk

18% calf mix containing cereals, cooked pulses, hipro soya and yeast

Kaf Pride

Cubes bags & bulk

18% calf cube containing very digestible ingredients including cereals, hipro soya and yeast

Kaf Gro

Cubes bags & bulk

16% calf cube designed as a follow on to the higher protein calf starter feed


Prime Elite Krispi here for more details

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