Autumn Reseeding

Reseeding is one of the best short to medium term investments you can make on your farm.  The key reasons to reseed are:

Reseeding in the autumn
While reseeding in the spring has rightly become more popular in recent years; autumn reseeding does have some advantages:
1. Autumn offers a very good opportunity to burn off difficult perennial weeds such as docks before reseeding as there is plenty of growth.
2. Reseeding in the autumn generally makes sense from a feed budget point of view with the annual DM production from the following year more than making up for any loss in the autumn.

Aim to have autumn reseeding completed by early September.  This is important:
1. To allow time for the post emergence herbicide to be applied.  This is vital for dock control
2. To ensure one or to grazings before closing for the winter. This encourages tillering and good sward establishment.
3. To ensure strong annual DM production from the year after sowing.

Good establishment in the autumn of sowing is vital to achieve strong production next year

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