Autumn Calving Dairy Cows

Veterinary Care and Herd Health

Managing Parasites at Housing

Cows finishing the grazing season need to be treated for parasites they have acquired during their time at grass and are likely to be exposed to at housing....Read More


Udder Health

By law from 1st Jan 2008 the sale and supply of Intramammary Products (Dry Cow & Milking Cow Tubes) needs to be accompanied by a current veterinary prescription....Read More


Hoof Care and Lameness

Lameness is now a major problem in Irish dairy herds – it has become the second largest dairy cow health challenge after mastitis. Up to 89% of dairy cattle....Read More


Mastitis Control Programme

As we head into the main drying off period for spring calvers, we cover a number of messages to our Mastitis Control Programme members.....Read More


Body Conditioning Scoring (BCS) Guide

BCS is a simple technique to assess how thin or fat a cow is on a scale of 1 to 5 with increments of 0.25, where 1 is extremely thin and 5 is extremely fat. What are the key BCS targets?....Read More


Feeding the Autumn Calving Cow in Early Lactation

Feeding for Fertility in Early Lactation   When a mature cow calves, she will initially only consume circa 10Kg dry matter per day.  Typically it will take her 10-12 weeks before she reaches her peak intake....Read More


Dry Cow Nutrition

The dry period should be viewed as an opportunity to asses the nutritional status of the cow when she is dried off and should be used as to prepare the cow for the next lactation.  In many ways it is the most critical time of the whole cycle....Read More

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